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Hello folks and welcome to the Devil’s Advocate series with me as your host and author, the MelanKoliK AlKoholiK. Today we speak on a topic that plagues us even within the 21st century; prejudice. Note that we aren’t going to discuss a specific form of prejudice. We are going to s...
Being 1/2 of an interracial (Black/White) couple for the past 19 years, I've learned how to navigate some of the not so nice experiences. However, there was one experience with an Urgent Care facility that caused me to take pause and ask myself, "Do I ever do that?"
A personal story of modern prejudicial behaviour by children when they reflect attitudes taught to them by their parents.
Let's examine the root of stigmatization, using the example of media coverage, and it's effect on society.
This work focuses on human prejudice. All humans have them as reluctant as we are to admit them. We make these judgments about people, places and things without evidence to support our views.
This poem was inspired by the movie "42"; a movie about Jackie Robinson and how he refused to let those who thought negatively about him dictate his life.
A poem that looks at discrimination through the eyes of person who has been labelled and discriminated against.
Displaying an act of prejudice is a clear sign to your children that they should act that way too.
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