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Surgery and medication have improved a great deal over the years, but not so primary health care, but if it has changed, it's for the worse.
what many people don't know is the fact that there are some types of foods that are not so good to eat when one is suffering from anxiety, here is a short presentation of the anti-anxiety foods that can be of help
This is a short poem, simply, about the power of the dog.
Acne is an enormous pain in the rear that we all deal with in some way. Follow these tips to prevent and get rid of acne.
A short letter explaining the good side of Wikinut
Is it actually legal to buy painkillers online from a pharmacy without obtaining a prescription first? Are there any risks associated with doing this? What types of medications can you order?
This article discusses the recent increase use of prescription medications especially the abuse of painkillers. Make sure to know the facts before starting an stopping these dangerous drugs.
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