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The past does not matter. Only in the present can we "spend our cash" and make it the future. In psychological and spiritual ways that count, that is reality. Nothing else is.
This is an entertaining activity that could make a present for a kid (or an adult!) and a good one in cold and unsettled wintry evenings.
Most of the time we have to remember the past to reconcile and have better understanding of what happening today. This poem shows paradox, how a writer struggle for himself.
Time, it certainly is a mystery. It's always there, but it can leave you stranded, wondering, where, where did it go? A precious commodity indeed. Yes, very precious is this thing we call time. These two short poems touch on this subject.
Reasons why it's necessary to act out in the present.
Einstein and others have concluded time is an illusion and that past, present and future all exist simultaneously. I think that gives us another perspective to lead our lives with a spring in our steps that we have lived to tell the tale! We will forever be part of the humongous creat...
Eliot envisioned the modern world as a wasteland, in which neither the land nor the people could conceive. In The Waste Land, various characters are sexually frustrated or dysfunctional, unable to cope with either reproductive or non reproductive sexuality: the Fisher King represents ...
Truly connecting, whether in person, over the phone, through the written word or smoke signals, it is key to be present in the moment or you will miss something and it will probably be important. Teleconnecting Skill #3 is to remind us that all the most important events are happening...
Many people know and make wise choices in their lives others fall by the wayside by dwelling on what happened to them in the past. In so doing they are not handling the moment of now and so that also is not handled. So what do you do?
This poem is about being trapped, in a past moment, when I was full of happiness. I can't back go back in the past; I have to live in this current time.
All we do is either live in future or dream about tomorrow. Never did we give a thought what about today, what about this moment. . either we keep on comparing past and future with our present, or others keep on doing that for us.. !!
Since this current yuga of four hundred billion years began man has evolved from no-thing, a unit of cosmic energy to what he is today. Some have had many lifetimes, some few...incarnation patterns if you will....enjoy!
The first thing when it comes to writing articles for websites or any blog for that comes in our mind is how to appeal to users. More and more people will read it more popular. Most Internet users search for fulfillment services and knowledge, and sometimes their needs. Giving the rea...
A page about Darjeeling Tea and its use as a precious gift item in India and abroad.
Study your most difficult subjects while you are still fresh and, if possible, break the topics down into small, manageable units.
We have many choices in life. We have own passions and comfort zones. We need to keep them in mind so that our lives are rewarding and enriching.
To many of us live in the past or focus on the future that we forget to seize the day and live today. 'Carpe Diem', a Latin phrase meaning 'seize the day' should be what we need to embrace in our search for happiness.
a situation come when you got disappointed and after that create a wall around yourself.. but is it fair for the one who cares for you.. just because once your trust is broken is it right not to trust any other person.. whats there fault? its neither yours but still you are the one to...
Here are some tips on how to time travel in the most efficient ways, so as not to loose out on your NOWS.
Legends give us a way of knowing what took place in times long gone and now we are the stuff of least some of us...others will crawl under stones and there rot...A tongue in cheek piece indeed
If we embrace the basics of joys of living the moments, now, we can overcome past hurts and forget worries about the future.When the right attitude binds us together, it will lead to an inclusive society.
I write what I feel and I am not shy to allow my emotions to guide me. I usually don't understand my own poerty, but anyone who has read it gives positive feedback on it. I'd like to believe that my poetry tends to move people emotionally, it has to be said that it's poetry in motion....
9th in the More Than Series. This about forgiveness and about how it is more than just forgiving someone.
Time folds and overlaps, from front to middle, and middle to back, like seams in fabric, that are lightly sewn. A couple threads hear, a few more there, in just random spots, we know not where, they are quietly known. Like a great ball expanding, connected to others the same, where ...
Personal journey to the past and back to the present. Dealing with unresolved issues. What is truth? Accepting the truth about myself. Accepting the truth about others. What have I learned? Chaos is a result of free choice which defines harmony and truth. We are all responsible for ou...
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