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Soon it will be December, and Christmas is approaching rapidly. Am I ready? Read on to find out more.
Christmas will soon be here,and here are my thoughts about it. Read on to find out more.
The malls are filled with Christmas shoppers and I love the holiday music. We have Snow, a parade and even a Christmas Tree!
I am one year old today and of course mommy is having a party for me. All my friends will be there - even my girlfriend Cherrie.
Apart from Birthdays, you can always find a reason to give someone a gift, it might be as a sign of love, or maybe a "Thank you" gift and of course there is always Christmas, A gift can mean a lot to the person who receives it. With some thought the gift will be well received, as the...
It's Christmas morning and Santa Claus has come and gone. Felipe and his family celebrate by sharing their bounty.
This Christmas brings back many memories of Christmases out on the farm and how they bring a smile and even a laugh as I think about the things that happened.
Christmas time is what you make it, and it's very special to me. Read on to find out why Have really tried to embed this video. I hope it works.
Is there such a thing?, only if we make it that way. Read on to find out more
My tips to have an enjoyable Christmas without breaking the bank account.
A brief insight into how Christmas came about and what the most common gifts have been over the years - in addition to what they might be in the future...
It comes every year and still it surprises everyone who are shocked when they realize the Christmas is again here.
Here are some tips on how to time travel in the most efficient ways, so as not to loose out on your NOWS.
There is maximum crowd in the vegetable market. The ladies move from stall to stall and bargain for each and every item. They are also very careful about short -weighing by the vendors and keep an eye on the weighing machines. The shopkeepers have a sweet tongue and try top satisfy th...
Here are some gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend for the holiday, anniversaries or birthday.
A guest comes to a family Christmas gathering. The family cares for this unusual guest and know that love goes all around.
On 14th February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a special day for lovers, but I am wishing love and peace to everyone. Read on to find out more.
I wrote this poem right after christmas 2012 when I didn't get the one thing that I wanted for christmas. I was upset so I sat down and put my feelings on paper. Would love your thoughts. To see what you love and what I can improve.
These are some fun ideas and strategies to give your friends and family an inexpensive, awesome, yet memorable gifts for Christmas!
Our 12 yr old cat Sable really gets into the holidays by dressing up in front of the camera.
Santa Claus comes in every shape you can imagine and at times, he doesn't even wear a red suit or a hat. It is 'the spirit' of Christmas this guy is all about.
Sitting on Santa's knee is just wasted on kids when Santa looks as great as this.. And I have been so very good too Santa dear... A somewhat tongue in cheek poetic frolic for the coming Festive Season..
I used to leave everything until the last minute at Christmas, but even though my life is still busy, I don't any more.
How I went from normal teenage-girl to crazy freaky FPS obsessed gamer geek girlfriend in under 11 years...
This Christmas despite all the recession, people will still fine time to make it a happy occasion.
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