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While lobbyists are pushing for controlling the decisive positions in the public sphere(1), they can count on the technocracy at the helm.
Some of the best tips and tricks that you may use in preserving jams and jellies. How to select the right fruit to use in making jams. What utensils should be used during the execution of making jams and jellies. What is the right temperature for the jellies and jam to set. This is al...
The poet says "This poem is how I articulates words that will last a lifetime."
Let's extend nature's bounty by pickling and preserving. I've included some of my favorite recipes. Enjoy!
Pickling and spicing; this method in fish preservation used vinegar and other spices. The growth of bacteria and other organisms is prevented by the acetic acid of the vinegar; the vinegar will preserve the fish as well as improves its taste.
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