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The past Presidential Election, to which Trump defeated Clinton is marred by the monumental amount of disruptions that are against Trump.
To many the choice is stark. To me it's a choice not between the lesser of two evils, but the evil of two lessers.
Don't be convinced that you must vote for Hillary Clinton this year even if you don't care for her candidacy.
A quick diagnosis on controversial answer of Philippines Presidentiable Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte in the telecast Debate.
A Personal Reflection of Upon Maltusinism in the GOP
Will 2016 be the year of change or will it just be like 2015?
There are way too many reasons to avoid voting for Trump. He's such a nuts and a goof ball, womanizer that I'm afraid, he's far from helping the US get back in shape. I mean he has no experiences in politics and he knows little to do his job. Ha, at least Hillary has many years of exp...
I found out that many aren't voting and haven't been voting so that is why the bad guys get in the office cause you're not voting.
I just think politicians are funny and they lie way too much. What do you think? and who are you voting for this election?
The dark underbelly of the Republican electorate is fully exposed by its embrace of Donald Trump's hateful politics.
Hillary Clinton, to this observer, possesses a horoscope that certainly holds the potential for her to be elected president of the United States. Let's take a closer look.
Will Donald Trump be a contender for the Republican Presidential nomination?
There are wide and glaring differences in the respective positions taken on the issues between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders is unlikely to win the Democratic nomination for president, but his entry into the race is a game-changer nonetheless.
Hillary Clinton, the probable nominee of the Democratic Party, would beat any of here prospective opponents handily were the election held today.
Over the past few presidential elections US citizenship among the candidates has become quite a point of contention. So just who can claim natural born US citizenship?
India and the USA are two large democracies, and both are dysfunctional.
After the presidential election in Sri Lanka, a surprising change of power is emerging. The long-time incumbent Rajapakse admits defeat even before the official announcement of the final result. He was considered the favorite.
The conventional wisdom is that the country turned to the Republicans out of their dissaffection for Barack Obama, giving control of the Congress to the Republicans, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Russia moved allegedly soldiers and weapons in the occupied territories of separatists in the Ukraine, in which elected today. According to observers, dozens of trucks carrying missile launchers among others.
CAIRO - Egyptian General Elections Commission finally set the presidential elections on May 26, 2014, less than a year after Mohamed Moursi deposed on July 3 last year.
Bernie Sanders, the lone Independent in the United states Senate, is exploring the possibility of running for president. I say "run Bernie, run!"
The Climate Change Debate continues, shining a light on The Right that is most likely detrimental to their efforts to elect a conservative president.
A poem written on the diminishing faith in the American people, portrayed by the President himself. We are lacking intuitiveness when it comes to the government. It's time we wake up! Enjoy!
Politics is a dicey game the winner all the politicians know but the budget has to be bust for many to crops sow...
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