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Lobbying can be divided into three different pathways : the optimisation of the economic activities, the social representation and the political representation. These three intertwined paths are extensively traversed in the course of a career.
An autobiographical essay about the "author of the day" featured artist's identity, his arts and poetry.
When you choose the best press release writing website, you have a natural ability to ensure that your online business is show business in an appropriate manner. Press release site is ideal to ensure that your public relations writing is done in a simple and flawless manner, and synch...
A breakthrough has been made in the fight against HIV and AIDS and findings are indicating that the treatment is at least 88% successful against most common strains of the virus.
Republic Act No. 7079, also known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, aims to promote awareness and develop young talents in journalism. It is also intended to uphold and protect the freedom of the press at the campus level.
As James Thurber (1894 – 1961) once declared, “There is no exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.” There are exceptions to every other rule ever formulated by man. However, as writers, we need to understand the rules before we can break them creatively and effec...
Press release is an important search engine optimization method to promote your product.
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