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This is my story on how I save money and how I save my things.
Read what happens when a woman gets fed up with being on the defensive for what shouldn't be so offensive....she writes a honest, sarcastic essay about it and laces it with bravado.
There are lot of difference in men and women behavior in their life styles, ladies are pretty, delicate, enchanting and alluring.
We usually go to a fashion show to see the best and popular styles at a particular time and place. Arnott went too. But did he see fashions?
Do you think you are not beautiful? We live in a time when we think there are certain model of face and body. Apparently, to be considered attractive, you should be thin, ....
A short poem about the singing nightingale at night and how we are very lucky if we manage to hear it`s song.
Read on to find out my super experience in the elevator
What makes us attractive to an individual? Why do we love some certain type of people? Why are we attracted to someone and not attracted to the next person? I had a personal experience in Class of which I want to share here in order to make this point.
Inspired by the photo of the same title and dedicated to my wonderful Troy
A poem about a walk in the cumbrian hills, for nature lovers.
Most people are inclined to be badly-dressed, unkempt, out-of-shape, or just plain ugly.
Ooh, narcissism! Generally I don't indulge in it to this extent, but eh. Loss of love often brings out the worst in people. This poem is one of the bravest things I've ever written, because it makes me look so awful. :P
Have random stuff lying around the house and want to make a Halloween costume? This article has some ideas for you to save money on those overpriced costumes. Find the section headings with things that you have, and see if anything works for you. Warning: not all may be comfortable/...
An article regarding flirtation and types of flirtation men do.
A poem about the beginning of a friendship between a girl and a men from another land.
A recent study by the University of Toronto has determined the perfect proportions for a female face. So I've extended their study into the realm of the cartoon lady.
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