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An experience which taught me that sometimes, sweating the small stuff isn’t worth it.
Genetics is not a root cause of homosexuality, but choice is. DNA is not the factor but rather it is a freely given lifestyle.
This is about my boy bestfriend. I have a crush on him yet nobody knows even him. We are really close. But one day, because of a little fight over something, he became distance and cold. Then he just left. Didn't even have the chance to say " I love you, goodbye."
It is time to redefine our goals to pursue the essentials that we all can resonate with. Now we are putting out one fire after other even creating new ones in the process. It should be a shared journey than one outsmarting another to increase the sphere of influence. Country borders a...
Most of the time we have to remember the past to reconcile and have better understanding of what happening today. This poem shows paradox, how a writer struggle for himself.
I love to hear the national anthems of different countries.
The shift in our consciousness is happening all the time but is gathering speed. Stephen Hawking has set the ball rolling to find extra-terrestrial, alien, life despite his misgivings that we better watch our steps. The connection we seek could well doom us but leave it to our Creato...
This poem is an attempt at showing the reader how to eat humble pie, without adding excessive levels of sauce to it. A postscript section is added on here to my poem to show you that when you pray sincerely, you will develop humbleness in your character. Can pride and humility liv...
One of the worst things i have experienced was being out of a job almost 2 years, it was the most humiliating period in my life, the feeling of helplessness, as i watched my children go to bed hungry will taunt me for ever, i pray that i never go through such again.
Women you are beautiful, you have the look, you are what you need to be, mother, sister, grandmother, woman. Who can say what is beautiful, you need all kinds of beautiful characteristics to be beautiful. It's all inside of you, women you are beautiful.
A collection of three poems,written in separate years in different occasion but correlated in theme.
This page is one in a series of bio installments about my life and times.
Humility is a prerequisite for exaltation in life anyone who want to live a successful life spiritually must be ready to be humble in the sight of the living God. This article will unveil the necessity of humility in our life. relax and read
Role of money in our present life and adverse effects of greed for money creating a lot of psychological disorders.
An inclusive take and a shared journey can propel us to higher realms of coexistence. Every New Year implores us to strengthen our resolve to forge ahead leaving behind the hurts of the past. We have come thus far with some luck and nature playing its part more than we care to admit. ...
There is fight we have to fight not just fighting but ensuring and endeavoring to win. Its not just a fight its a war between pride and humility and the most amazing and incredible part of this fight is that we are the battlefield.
A commentary on my experiences coaching the fine young men who play American Legion Baseball.
Obesity is a serious health problem of the modern era. It leads to several other health problems. There is also a spiritual obesity that makes the entry into the gate of heaven a difficult process.
Obesity is a serious health problem of the modern era. It leads to several other health problems. There is also a spiritual obesity that makes the entry into the gate of heaven a difficult process.
We are supposed to be living in a civilized world but our problems continue from time immemorial; unable to find common ground to unite and allowing few to impose their views, ride roughshod on us, while rhyme and reason are daily casualties. Getting to the facts of the matter with gl...
The gay and lesbian community has been welcomed to Pittsburgh since the late 70's, and the city has had a gay-rights ordinance on the books since 1990 that prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Loving without borders and waiting for immediate returns or favors is the key to a better world. Why not we take the logical step than waiting endlessly for others to do so? It is time to be less judgmental and do what comes naturally to us to make a better world.
We are from nature and sticking to its ways of self-renewal will stand us in good stead than trying to assert to deprive and humiliate others like we tend to do as a matter of course. We have to raise our bar in terms of coexistence and inclusiveness to take the next step forward in o...
When one hears an individual speak about someone else by saying that the person is full of themselves, quite often they mean the person is 'full of pride.' It may not be easy to let pride go, especially if you have been taught for years to 'have pride'. However It is essential, for ...
Mothers are the Angels in our lives. Their love is selfless and unconditional. Their blessings are to be treasured. Happy Mother's day!
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