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The posh bank standing today was once home to one of the spookiest eateries that came complete with an eerie atmosphere that kept diners intrigued throughout their meal. Today the building has been replaced by the TD Bank. It was rumored that the restaurant was haunted by several acti...
The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
Would you be able to lead a sermon and preach to people good, if the opportunity came aknockin'? Seems Father would, yes...
Here we read of the Consecration of Aaron and his sons who have been chosen by God to be the priests of Israel.
Confederation with Canada meant that there was no tariff on items coming from mainland Canada and soon the outports were flooded with mail order catalogues. Shortly controversy reigned supreme with some side-splitting results. Meanwhile Adam experiences his first city Christmas.
Here we take a look at health and educational conditions as experienced in much of Newfoundland And Labrador in the 1940's and earlier.
Having written the C.H.E. (Council Of Higher Education) exams Adam returns home to fish with his father during the summer. In August he learns that not only has he passed the exams but that he has won the District Government Scholarship.
Adam is delighted when the newly wed teacher announces that she plans to continue teaching but not everyone agrees.
Adam's brother Lawrence and his pregnant girlfriend make plans to get married. Adam is pleased that he is considered too young to be in the wedding party.
Adam begins his life in a small community on Newfoundland's South Coast.
Let's face it, a ghost doesn't take up much room, but if you really want them gone, call in the professionals. Paranormal investigators might just solve many of the homes haunted issues since ghost hunters can either debunk or prove the presence of ghosts in your humble abode.
Celebrities come forward and share the details of their supernatural experiences when they were forced to deal with unexpected paranormal activity that came their way by chance, circumstance or by luck.
IN KENYA it illegal to take beer after 11pm. I Conceptualized THIS on Thursday 5th sep 2013 after being caught red handed at a drinking joint past using a metaphor of a priest to represent the policeman who caught us and forced a marriage with me to another pal(police ...
In this article I show you examples of people who were known to Jesus and reincarnated in this age in relation with his return. Here you get a glimpse of how the Karma changes the person to another task and character. And how the person is rewarded or punished for his past deeds. Of c...
It has never occurred to me how a life of an old priest would have been spent after their supposedly retirable years. It was never in my mind until one time when I was flipping through channels on tv and saw this.
Badrinath Yatra is considered to be one of the most important piligrimage where one's soul can derive the immense happiness.
This is a wake up article to christian who are docile and who don't understand their privileges and positions in Christ. Gone are the days where it is the priest that acts on your behalf to God. You can talk and have a sweet and lasting relationship with Christ if only you know how. ...
This is my adaptation of the story of the Good Samaritan - in poetry form .
A brief look at the man who is known in my family as "The singing Priest".
Jesus is our great prophet, priest and king, fulfilling all of the old covenant offices.
If your home is haunted by a disruptive spirit, you will probably be desperate to get rid of it. This article contains advice on mediums, making contact, and when it's safe and necessary to call in an exorcism.
Love's so cool. When a woman loves a man, there's no place in hell that can change that.
Have you seen me? That is the question posed by the missing children ads on milk cartons and on the walls of the post office. Have you ever stopped, read one of those ads and wondered, "What happened to this child?" We know that some are taken by non-custodial parents and others by cr...
In this part of the story is narrated on absolutely no one predicted the event in the life of Stalin. Was known for his interest in science "history. " But totally unexpected was his statement about learning the history of ancient Byzantium.
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