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“The law of the Union is ever growing and it seems now certain that, with the terms law of the Union, we refer not to a specific domain of the law but to a legislative and jurisprudential setting similar to that of a State.”(1) This introduction underlines the existence of a se...
My goal in this article is to show you, those mistakes can by losing all their hard effort to promote your blog or company store etc. the slant on social networks profiles or pages, becomes in vain fault of primary errors.
To start with a new parh or road takes willingness, and we should choose to experiement a little, of course curiosity
Have written some notes about my nephews and niece(kids of my husband's brothers)
The 2014 political circus is shaping up to be just that, a circus.
Talking about the game Grand Theft Auto V and more information that you need to know
The complex modern world has made planning a part of every body's day life.
This is just my two cents about the controversial remarks made by Todd Akin about legitimate rape and the abortion debate
Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul gets the biggest boos of the night at the GOP primary debate.
Can Ron Paul actually win the Republican Nomination this year?
An atheist's view of the Republican Presidential Debates
Malaysia is education is not expensive, but how far the knowledge can be used in the system?
The truth of the schools in rural area in India is far beyond what an ordinary man can imagine. There are schools with desk and chair but without any students to sit on it, blackboard but without anyone to write on it, windows but no one to see through it.
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