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Pop superstar Prince was found dead in an elevator by sheriff's deputies who had been called to his suburban Minneapolis compound.
A girl named Felicity watches her ex-boyfriend demon prince date her other ex-boyfriend. She clutches a scythe in her hands filled with the talents of those that came before her, she could kill them, right? She could send them to hell. She should send them to hell.
The Governor of West Bengal, India gushes over a royal visitor from Laos making perfect arrangements, when it turns out that the royal dignitary is a siamese cat named Prince.
This is a story about a girl that plans to go to to the halloween party with her boyfriend. She plans to surprise him with the prettiest dress in all the land.
The Bourbon dynasty have done more evil than good wherever it was established and Spain couldn´t be an exception.
Love and romance poetry. This is a poem about the feelings of a mistress. Love poetry. Visit more of my poetry on http://www.poetrypoem/shannonfarlouis
Just a short poem to describe the love I have for my son and the lessons he should keep in life.
This is the true gruesome version of the fairy tale story Sleeping Beauty and his necrophiliac aristocrat. I hope this won't ruin your childhood.
A king learns a deal made in haste has unforeseen consequences.
What a Joy ! ....He has arrived at last ....Prince George, Alexander, Louis of Cambridge ...Congratulations !
Yesterday will go down in history as the day an heir to the throne was born. It sparked off the feel good feeling in Britain once again at a time when we need it. Read on to find out more.
The kingdom of God is in your midst, the reign of kings is to possess territory, and take back what the Devil stole from you
He was near to become the sole ruler of the world when one day his minister told him that the spy parrot is not there in his cage. He became worried and sent for the expert hunters to catch the bird.
This is a true story in poem style of a dog called Prince.
Ever had any of your stories cross-examined by a 3 year old? (and not to mention been dumbfounded!) Here's my experience which might arm you to face those cherubic devils...
Short poem about owain glyndwr a welsh prince who fought against king henry and the english when wales was ruled by england.
This is a story that was told to me by my grand daughter Crisann. She said she wants to be a writer like her grand mom.and then she told me this story that she wanted to write about her princess and her pony.
A fictional tale about the origins of Vanilla and its influence.
Inspired by a photo by my husband of him and I in our costumes. Dedicated lovingly to my husband Troy.
From the writing prompt on Deviant Art. This one being When The Stars Collapse. Dedicated to my wonderful husband Troy
The dogs in my life all had different characters. It's been fun learning to understand them.
It has been quite a year for this ultra talented man of the stage
The inspiration of this poem came from my kids who I often overhear playing a magical game that I cannot join. So I listen intently and sometimes I can see it in my imagination.
Happiness is a feeling which almost everyone has felt ,its a pleasure which we acquire when we are satisfied with whatever we did or being done to us by someone else.We love to see our dear ones happy and blessed.
Does fairytale really exists in this world or does it only belong to storybooks?
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