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Nothing is more important to, you, the HUman race, at this point in your events than to “understand” your history upon this once new earth, for in doing so “you will succeed” with the help of others to set yourselves free. How is this? Because the bondage the Hellions have ove...
I love to hear the national anthems of different countries.
The famous French and revolutionary principles commented.
The British Government, i.e, the cabinet of minsters and the departments under them, is a highly centralised form of Government.
I always write a journal and end up tearing off the pages, tossing 'em up into some trash bin. But I guess it is time again that I take up the pen, jot whatever and clear my head a bit...
I have chosen my three favorite poems from the end of the first decade of this Millennium
The following essay is about elements of right living and the principles which are to be followed.
The following Essay is about the powerful Qualities of Human being about his inner self and other spirituality which guides him.
Table setting refers to the way the table appointments and the food are arranged in the dining table. By knowing and following the rules, you can enjoy your meals and impress your guests.
This short poem is dedicated to all of you "Survivors", with love!
no harm in living with flaws , let me just say no harm in being"imperfect"!!
A fictional tale about the origins of Vanilla and its influence.
The hidden laws of nature allow the visible to become invisible
We all need to be fit, so how do we do it? Fitness programs must be tailored individually, both for athletes and regular civilians, in order to keep us strong and healthy. In this article, I will provide the tips you need to run your own fitness program, keeping yourself healthy and a...
What are the most significant principles in security job design? What personal characteristics are the most desirable for security personnel? Do you think there might be an positive, significant relationship between the possession of certain personal values and successful career progr...
The differential reinforcement is done by means of giving more emphasis to something rather than the other, or by giving reinforcement to something than the other thing. With this, the one that was given more emphasis is most likely to be learned rather than the other similar thing.
Ethics is somehow related to the field of Economics. As economics deals with labor, wages, production, as well as distribution of wealth, Ethics as a science somehow acts in the different relations in the business processes.
Professor F.L. Lucas (1894-1967) taught English at Cambridge for forty years. After 40 years of teaching English, he concluded that, “To write really well is a gift inborn; those who have it teach themselves. One can sometimes teach them to write rather better.” In 1955, Cassell P...
The Bhagavad-gita is universally renowned as the jewel of India's spiritual wisdom. Spoken by Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead to His intimate disciple Arjuna, the Gita's seven hundred concise verses provide a definitive guide to the science of self realization. No oth...
This is extremely personal to me, in the sense that it was advice written specifically for myself, and thus I doubt many will be able to empathise or even understand :). However, it will provide anyone who's interested with insight about me. I hope someone recognises the D&D reference...
In view of the devolution of health services, health education was transferred to the Local Government units.
Exploring the "Total Plan" approach and the ground rules for successful investing.
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