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Points on how to save money and learn how to effectively budget. Saving money by learning a few easy principles.
How life-changing situations help us to wake up and identify our true priorities in life.
We all take on too much at times..whether it is never-ending tasks, work-load, or other peoples woes, and they can soon weigh you down...You need to strike a could make all the difference...Why not try it and see....
As we get older, we tend to forget things. It may not be that our memory is failing, but rather that we have a set list of priorities and some things just aren't on it.
Often as women we find ourselves making the man of our lives our main attraction, our reason for being. While it is great to be there for your man, we have to keep in mind that we have to also make OURSELVES a priority in our own lives. After all if we don't make ourselves a prior...
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