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The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
We bind ourselves in chains with our actions working at cross purposes; unable to break free from issues that are sort of old wine in new bottle. Our potential lies hidden like our inner voice. Time to wake up and do what is right than be taken for a ride by wily few. Democracy is li...
Even while in prison, Joseph remains faithful to God and continues to prosper.
When Pharaoh has a dream that none of his wise men can interpret, the chief butler remembers Joseph and he is summons to appear before the king.
Joseph is a slave in Egypt but God is with him and makes everything that he does to prosper.
When you want to be with someone their very being consumes you. They don't always know how you feel about them or the effect they have on you. They encase your very being. You want to be locked away, just you and them.
Being a woman and teaching in an all-male penal institution can have its challenges. Each person has her own way of coping with what she encounters while inside. The main character will tell her story of how she copes.
It's not enough, for China, that Pastor Zhang is in prison for crimes that were fabricated. China wants his land, his church's land, and maybe even the orphanage's land. Because he refused to acquiesce by keeping the land that his church rightfully owned, he is in prison, his family m...
State sanctioned and legal, Pastor Zhang has been falsely accused and convicted for crimes he didn't commit. Why? Because he refused to sell his legally owned land to the local government.
After six months of detention in North Korea, Jeffrey Fowle is free! One of three Americans detained and/or imprisoned in North Korea, he arrived home on October 22, 2014. Read about his story here.
This article is about the Turkish residents that were freed after the raid at the Turkish consulate in Mosul, Iraq.
Despite the hardships he faces in Evin prison, one of the most brutal prisons in the world, Farshid remains faithful. His family has fled Iran and now lives in Canada. Read about Farshid and be encouraged.
Kenneth Bae, husband and father, is serving a 15 year sentence of hard labor for being Christian. There have been recent calls for the US to intercede for him and two others. Learn about his case here.
Beautiful, calming and relaxing art should be mandatory in institutions, hospitals and waiting rooms. Art is therapy.
Have you ever noticed what's on the wall in your doctor's waiting room? Does it make you relax, or is it disturbing?
This is the follow up to Lady H and is fiction as well.
If you look beyond the glass, you may be able to help a lost soul within
Let us have the wisdom to learn from our mistakes and carry on with a common mission and goal for peace and progress. Repeating our follies will set the clock back to such an extent we will not be able to pick up the pieces again. We have no two ways about it increasingly.
I wrote the poem July Picture in the summer of 2006 and translated into English a year later. I wrote it somewhere at 12. It was a picturesque scene in and out of my room. The electricity was cut off, a candle was lit up on the windowsill, and the wall-paper was glittering. When I loo...
My Poems, My Being is a space where I write what I feel and believe in. That is what makes me a part of this beautiful universe.
Here is a haiku which attempts to capture the prisoner of hate. We've all been enslaved, at one point or another, to this very harsh and dangerous of emotions. Once caught in its clutches, even a Harry Houdini would have a difficult time breaking free.
a short poem which describes the impact that loneliness can have on us
Sometimes circumstances create such bonds , we limit ourselves into a small cell , and we just don't want to come out of that particular boundary and we remain happy , where we are.
poem about a lonely prisoner looking at life on the other side
What I recall of my childhood in and around the country I love so well. From castles to all sorts of sights.
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