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Most of the time we have to remember the past to reconcile and have better understanding of what happening today. This poem shows paradox, how a writer struggle for himself.
Around 11 o'clock this morning, I start to lose my sight partly. The last time such a thing happened was first in 1993, then in 1998/1999, and now again in 2012. Today it just gets worse and worse.
Marzeus goes out again to tell Specter what Father said. Waldorf happens to have walked by and is talking to Specter. Finally, somebody who agrees with Marzeus - Specter has told Waldorf that they have to kill the warthog because of the snout that the dogs have chewed off to the bon...
I am beginning to have realisations of my own weight issues. Mainly my gut. I must admit I love my food. My wife is an excellent cook and I very much enjoy eating out. I am partial to pan Asian buffets of which I find a delight as well as Lebanese. I also encounter slight respiratory ...
People all over the world are feeling the heavy tensions of life as they struggle to lead life comfortably. Increasing competition in almost every filed gives them restless days and problems of headaches are common with almost everyone here.
Being a human being, losing is a part of life and we only have to accept those defeats. But unless we learn something from those failures, it is difficult to succeed in life
Many young one's do fall in love quite often during their college day's. But in most cases, their love will not last long and they will also struggle to come out of their first love which is not at all easy
People have become more and more selfish these day's and it is not only irritating, but also very bad to the whole world as people are looking into their own things now.
One of the most important thing to succeed in life is time management as without managing proper time, it is really difficult to succeed in life.
Recently the ruling party in the Centre lost Delhi elections because it was trying to enforce biometric data for attendance of the employees of the central government.
Eating is fun and that too in young age, one tends to over eat. At younger age, overeating may not cause any major problem as kids will be very active in those days.But eating more in old age when we exercise less, this may cause some serious health problems for sure
There are many major health conditions today which does look dangerous and kidney stone is one of them. The increasing number of people getting effected by kidney stones is alarming and as of now, they only have to find a way to prevent that from occurring or even removing that after ...
The most worrying factor is of poor people begging for their daily bread. It is not that all beggars are weak and are not able to work, as many of these beggars are just lazy to work. There are some beggars who are really weak or even physically disabled and are not in a position to ...
Importance of sleep is not recognised by all. You need sleep to keep your body healthy and your body mechanism working. Let us see why sleep is so important. Find out more about Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
this page gives a short action plan on what can be done to address the problem of street children
A new research found a variety of health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease influence fertility in men.
This page will have blogs about society and issues related to it.
All what need is to pluck up courage to beat this depression that is killing us and to bid farewell to these pills or tablets.
This poem relates love in solitude due to misunderstanding and incompatibility.
Sleep apnea is not life threatening but once should take immediate care. Here we discuss one situation arising from the use of CPAP devices for sleep apnea and how this in turn causes problems.
This page provide Solution For The Problem In Using Ubuntu
This story is described as a letter correspondence between two friends
This is about facing problems, stop running from problems. Problems will be solve if people learn to survive from it.
Sometimes it is just good to hold out your arms and let that special someone know you will always be there for them through the ups and downs of life.
Yes the middle class is the one who carry a great weight, but they too add to their problems
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