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Thyroid Problems Thyroid with thyroid gland or lack of thyroid activity or presence in the composition of the thyroid gland problems such as tumors.
The children of today are in revolution — especially in the United States! Adults who care about the future of our society need to become more aware of what is going on and look at the causes and what we can do about it. Most of the ills of any society stem from it's willingness t...
Practical resources for those struggling with clinical hyperhidrosis or anyone who simply hates to sweat!
9 Myths and Truths About Excessive Sweating Among Students
God is so awesome in creating each person differently. I don’t believe there is a carbon copy of me anywhere on this earth. I am a unique individual with many fastest to my own life. One thing is for sure, I am hard pressed right now.
Torrent sites are vital to many different people who want to be found on the internet. It is a fact that we now are recognized worldwide but that in itself makes a problem if the right community is not focused on to receive the information you need to portray. The Torrent sites are fa...
I used to support a multi party system, but I'm starting to wonder if it really sorts out problems and satisfies people's aims and needs.
Extremely powerful corrupt narrow minded officials who remain anonymous and are not accountable are responsible for intolerance in India
Most of the time we have to remember the past to reconcile and have better understanding of what happening today. This poem shows paradox, how a writer struggle for himself.
So many of us need a new name to be written down in glory. and a new character to be shaped and be moulded into a heavenly diamond. humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and he will exalt you in due season,
Auntie Marienne. Yeah there's a character for ya. She's one of those people that makes your courage sink into your shoes.
Along the way, Marzeus keeps thinking how he could come back by car and dissolve the situation. Perhaps he could take gasoline and pour some in front of the hole and light it on fire. That ought to scare the dogs away from the hole.
We have been plagued on Wikinut over the past few weeks and this article was prepared because of trying many times to publish an article. The aim here is to prep and publish all in one session, then if necessary update it and add as necessary.
Reasons why it's necessary to act out in the present.
This is a book review of Clementine a children's book about a child who gets into trouble without really trying and finds out the meaning of friendship and being a friend.
Our Creator God allowed His Son to pay the price with His life for everyone to experience lasting peace If we wish to maintain peaceful relationships, it is critical that we stay away from jealousy and selfishness. Wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, you will find dis...
Is the world overpopulated? Are there too many people on the planet? What are some of the problems caused by the human population? Should we reduce the population? Why is the world not sustainable?
From the 42dayswriting creative writing series. The lesson was to write about a strong emotional feeling felt at that very moment of writing.
This book is a different sort of book that what it might first appear to be. With a title like, "God I Am", you might expect it to be speaking out with some authority on the subject matter at hand. You would not be wrong about this. The author does talk in a way that seems to conve...
Narendra started at Ramakrishna Dev. He knew that the Saint had blind faith in Kaali Maa. He himself had no such faith.
Spiritual solutions might not always cut it with some people. Can you imagine your favourite politician, or even your not so favourite politician, looking for such a solution, for example? And yet, this is the premise of this wonderful book. Read it, and you will find yourself agr...
Money is something that we all need to survive. Internet is a way of earning an extra income. The big question is what websistes do really pay you for your work?
People give money a major importance. I believe that it is important to have money but for me we should earn it in an honest way.
We all indulge in doing funny things in life and the relaxation we get by doing all these is enormous. But many people do not understand this during days of problems
If you live isolated and you want to change your life, you have to begin by eliminating your psychological problems. You have to learn how to have a positive behavior and become a self-confident person. This is indispensable if you want to have strong friendships.
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