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Mind over matter. The power of the mind. When it comes to what you intend to do, someday is not good enough. Someday never comes and is nothing more than indefinitely putting things off. Stop listening to your sorry excuses and get your butt in gear.
The term "procrastination" is associated with unnecessary delays, shifting, postponement, and or creating laziness in a task. The undermentioned articles tells more about this phenomenon.
You may have heard that the cure to procrastination is action. This is true, but the solution is a bit more complex than that.
We ought to be thankful that God Our Creator has provided for us everything that we need to let the past go and move on. Just about everybody probably has a desire to let go of past hurts but may not be willing to forgive.
This article is all about procrastination. This is also for people that have a hard time trying to find the best time to do their work.
Are you trying to lose weight successfully? Read about some pitfalls to avoid when attempting to do this.
“One of the very worst uses of time is to do something very well that need not be done at all.” ― Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
Salvation is an individual decision, your decision to be save is very important to your spiritual sojourn on earth, you can never make heaven if you are not saved, God's wonderful love and passion to mankind is constant, it is you who must make changes and amendment with regards ...
Procrastination is a disease, it is a dangerous trend in life. Christians and would be Christians must desist from this, they have to act according to the scripture by taking a decision of repentance so they can make heaven.
“Life is short” has become one my most popular thoughts lately. With the knowledge that it could end any time, I am determined to leave an indelible mark; something that will sustain memories of me down the generations. Who does not care about leaving a legacy? Unless of course yo...
The F therapy is freely available. It is more effective than most of the conventional medicines. Just a nod from you is enough to activate this therapy. The F therapy is freely available. It is more effective than most of the conventional medicines. Just a nod from you is enough to ac...
If we believe that we can do something..It is possible to do..Before trying anything we just give up sometimes...Instead let us try to believe that we can..So that we can succeeed in our tasks..
Are you feeling lazy to do anything, having a stubborn behavior, manipulating whatever you can and feeling tired all the time? Then you are somewhat hunted by procrastination.
a personal account of how procrastination has been my recurring problem.
Butterfly Effect is a phenomenon where small things can cause tremendous effect as with the flap of wings of a butterfly on the Pacific Ocean can cause a tornado on Texas.
Modern man is too busy to waste any time. But he is actually wasting much of his time. Every second is precious wealth. Greed of modern man wants to make use of every second into wealth. But unfortunately he wastes time in unnecessary anxiety and futile endeavors.
For someone who loves to write, it is his passion that drives him to accomplish a written piece. For someone who wants to make money out of that passion, sometimes the drive wanes and then he starts procrastinating.
How guilty are you of putting till tomorrow what should be done today? We have all done it! That is a fact, but this attitude does not have to dictate your future.
Procrastination is the enemy of getting things done, or making any necessary decision.
In my pursuit of living my Life Ablaze with purpose-driven perspective, one of the challenges that I find myself facing from time to time is when I come upon old patterns of thought. One of these is the need for everything to be perfect before I take action. Procrastination.
Does procrastination have something to do with motivation? We’d usually wait to get inspired or to get “in the mood” before starting a task, especially a creative one. Without realizing it, we are acting emotionally.
One can be ruled by one's fears, if one does not learn to confront and deal with them.
“We have produced a world of contented bodies and discontented minds” - Adam Clayton Powell
We know we should revise through out the year. We don't. We tell ourselves that next year we will be better. Every year. It's 2 days before your exams and you have done... Absolutely nothing. DON'T PANIC!! You can still pass with these tips that have been thoroughly tried and te...
Are you a procrastinator? Do you put things off because you get that feeling of being overwhelmed when you think about everything you have to do? Do you wait until tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes? If so, read this article.
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