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Many designers today are proud because they made a product that was admired by the general public. Learning that the original copy has a great designer will put us in right perspective.
This article is about a well re-known actor in Australia known as Hugh Jackman
The brilliance of the film The Iron Lady and its masterful characters
The brand-name producers know that they can increase their business by building up interest in certain games.
We take a look at the horoscope of one of Hollywood's most durable actors and directors.
Taking a look at the horoscope of one of Hollywood's most iconic and durable actors, Jack Nicholson.
There was a man in the USA – called Mr. Van Doren - in the 1950s who won more than $100,000 on the show. How did he do it? The answer is shocking.
As a marine/estuarine ecologist, I was always astonished by the shapes of diatoms that I collected from various water bodies. The diatoms, when studied under a scanning electron microscope (SEM), would take us to a different world of shapes and patterns. Here is a short scientific not...
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