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Elderly relatives are asset to the family.Under no circumstances can they be thrown out and kept in a old age home.They should be taken care of with due honour and courtesy.failing which human and social values may be downgraded.
When we spend our leisure in productive or creative activities we get immense pleasure, knowledge and satisfaction. On the other hand, if we spend our free time just watching TV, it not only deprives us of using and developing our creative skills, but also spoils our eyesight.
sleepiness during work hours causes less production.
Have you ever taken some time to think of all the things people have ever created? Does the great number of products and services make you feel there is nothing else to be created? It's time for a deep rethink!
Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing. - Billy Graham
production and productivity are complexly related in terms of their processes and become successful in the market. There are elements which we should take care in order to be perfect that are discussed here.
A true story about how Coffee is grown and made into a Rich aromatic flavor it is today.
“We have produced a world of contented bodies and discontented minds” - Adam Clayton Powell
The importance of product testing with information to the manufacturer. This is usually tests samples provided by manufacturer when they have to launch a new product on the market wanting to know consumers’ opinions. They invite people to test the new product compared to another and...
A poem about procrastination, as the author is quite a procrastinator.
More snippets. More bits and pieces. An impulsive triplet-couplet, a simple yet cryptic societal comment, an emotion-explosion and a disgruntled hypothetical tale.
Excuse me while I have a little rant at Western society, human nature and the world in general.
This is extremely personal to me, in the sense that it was advice written specifically for myself, and thus I doubt many will be able to empathise or even understand :). However, it will provide anyone who's interested with insight about me. I hope someone recognises the D&D reference...
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