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Don't be convinced that you must vote for Hillary Clinton this year even if you don't care for her candidacy.
If you are a progressive in the mold of Franklin D. Roosevelt, George McGovern, Paul Wellstone or Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party long ago abandoned you.
Hillary Clinton, according to the polls, is the odds-on favorite of a great majority of Democratic voters. Given her record, one can only wonder why that is the case.
After reading an article on Wikinut where the writer, a right winger, claimed that conservative values are far superior to liberal values, I was prompted to respond by refuting her "facts."
The world's most progressive president is a humble man who has revolutionized the small South American country of Uruguay
The conventional wisdom is that the country turned to the Republicans out of their dissaffection for Barack Obama, giving control of the Congress to the Republicans, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Eric Holder, during a George Stephanopoulos interview, again brought up he thought he and President Obama had been treated unfairly. This is my take on the subject.
Conservatives, to my mind, have a "stop the world I want to get off" mentality. They seem to always stand in the way of progress.
Democrats used to be progressive in their thinking and actions, but that is no longer the case. The time is long past when we could expect them to take up and promote progressive causes.
Is a rejection of God by more and more Americans, especially progressive Democrats also a rejection of the founding father's belief in Natural Rights? If so, does that rejection of founding principles spell doom for the idea of individual freedom?
It is time for the progressives who put Barack Obama in office to begin to actively work to prevent him and his administration from doing any further harm to our republic.
Ralph Nader is a genuine American hero, forever looking out for the consumers' interests.
Men cannot arrive at wisdom by wandering about in the mud of their own mind, wisdom can only be found by looking to a transcendent Source.
A paper comparing several items between the Progressive era and the Modern Era. Here I will focus on the Economic, Political, and Social factors.
A short essay pertaining to the illogical interpretations of the U.S. Constitution made by liberals/progressives.
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