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a person usually has three images - his/her reality, projection and perception of another person. This does not allow any harmonious relationships of the person unless he/she harmonizes within him/herself.
We are all born as warm and loving beings, but we are also born with a dark side, what Christians may refer to as "original sin." In order for us to control or rid ourselves of these demons, we must first make friends with them.
It is almost with certainty the many will make some resolution for the coming year.
Yes people make resolutions and sometimes do not keep, why not may that commitment
The river has no mind of its own, it simply exists. Meaning, if there is any, comes (as it does with art) from the mind of the beholder
We ascribe human qualities to animals for a wide range of reasons. This is a variety of what we call "Anthropomorphism."
Most of the persons project themselves as somebody different from their real-self under pressure of conformism, thus creating a confusion about themselves in their respective societies. Therefore others feel free to perceive a person in accordance with their own viewpoints.
It now appears that it is the pot who has been calling the kettle black. It is The Trump's birth that is at issue, not that of the President.
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