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Some loves come, some go, but others stay forever in our hearts. Even if life takes them far apart the love will remain, everlasting in the hearts, for that kind of love will never be forgotten.
Last year, on the New Year Day I made some resolutions with all sincerity. As I look back and take stock of the year 2013, I find that many of my resolutions remain unfulfilled. These unfulfilled resolutions are standing in line and pointing accusing fingers at me.
Some people some situations effects you in such a way that there point of view becomes your decisions and sometimes it influence so much that you feel it as an eternal truth ....
There is a woman who try everything even its bad things just to find way to tamed her husband because she loves him so much so she try to commnunicate the witchdoctor and make some black spell .
About love and betrayal. Im sure everyone can relate to this.
Promiscuity and infidelity.This is a very controversial subject do read it with care
Shiela and her man talked about their relationship after they came from church. The pastor is talking about a sinner and a saint. The pastor said that if we are doing sin even we take the Communion, our work is a waste of time because we are sinning against God. We are doing blasphemy...
America took on a nightmare a few years ago, and now we are paying for the results of that election, based on the lies told by him and the media. We are suffering, but we shall endure, long remembering this insult to our country!
The third part in a fairy tale saga about a promise made.
I wonder so many things about how and who we used to be.
"If you and your children return to Yahweh your Elohim and obey him with all your heart and with all your soul, doing everything I command you today, he will restore your fortunes. He will have mercy on you and gather you from all the nations of the world where Yahweh your Elohim will...
April PAD Challenge Day 24 to write an auto poem. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
Can someone really keep their promise or will it just be broken?
Today has been a beautiful sunny day - still cold from the last chill of fading winter - but full of hope from the coming Spring ....
It is no surprise that each even merchants use as business enterprise, even the season of love.
This is a poem about my happy place- Where everyone gets to be themselves
It is so amazing how those politician can make some many promises and have the best solutions.
Many men are unduly concerned with the size of their penis. This concern has given rise to an entire industry of fraudulent promises of devices and medications. Genes determine the length and breadth of our arms, legs AND penises. Don’t waste money trying to alter nature. Instead, l...
Referral program means an author you added or a person who followed your referral link to an article directory. Those sites pay you a rational amount of revenue as your referral earns. Major steps to increase referrals are to complete profile in attractive way, to select media and set...
I have never met a word I didn’t like. I started writing stuff in second grade near as I can remember. As soon as I was able to round up a few of those critters (words), I began the process of arranging them in pen sentences and paragraph corrals. That was fifty-five years ago. ...
How often when there is an election season lots of plans and ideas and promises are on the card.
some very intense and precious feelings, longing and desires ... unfulfilled!
Sometimes purging the soul of all negativity is mind-liberating.
This page is about keeping our promises till our life long
Well there is no easy life, politician promised it people believed it, reality shows differently
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