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The powers that be know how to distract the populace from seeing and understanding. We parrot what they feed us, knowing not how we are manipulated into doing their bidding.
Yep, a silly video. A silly, silly, terribly made video of such amateur quality, one can only... well let me not insult the video maker who knows his work was probably not up to par. Stupid as this video was, it created quite a stir, didn't it? Not that anybody knew what in blaze...
What can we do to put into practice the other ignored R´s of the three popular ones? Here are some suggestions that could help.
The terrorism label is reserved for Muslims. Almost everybody else gets a pass.
Two attacks in Canada during the past week have civil libertarians worrying that Canada may go the way of the United States and seek to greatly curtail the freedoms of its citizens.
To hear some people tell it, ISIS may very well kill us all, and so may Ebola. Take your pick, because according to our mainstream media and many politicians, the threats to our health and safety are enormous. Be afraid, everybody, be very afraid.
Our leaders, whether they be Republicans or Democrats, all seem to suffer from a singular lack of creativity and imagination. As a result, they foist upon us again and again the same old, outworn, policies and proposals. What else is new?
I rather think that these pandemics aren´t casual, but Man made with the help of the mighty laboratories.
It seems now that even a crisis that comes about gets reported differently in the news. We do not join together as a nation anymore. The question of which news do you watch or believe needs to be answered with American unity.
A look at USA military propaganda but in a different light. Speaking some of the values and belief of patriotic American's but referring to something completely different.
There are alot of writing sites that offers payment but when it's time to deliver,we never see NO payments. Propaganda is indeed a crime. Some of this writing sites are a scam and will carry your creative composition as their own.
North Korea uploaded a propaganda video showing President Obama with flames to rally people in support for their nuclear tests. The North Korean government sees the United States as a threat to their sovereignty.
Fox News has gone way overboard with its claim that Obama called to congratulate Libya for murdering our ambassador.
Behind every war we see some critical misinformation, which were designed by most intelligent people in the country, ultimately truth flushes out, like the sun in the morning.
Censoring internet is one way to block content by government so that people can’t reach it. Content which is available online is watched by official and any content against government or improper content is censored. In one word if you try to open social networking site like Facebo...
This is the true story of a woman and the pain and suffering she has endured her whole life...
After reading about different conspiracy theories on the internet, I thought it was about time to create one myself..
Mr Big B Amitab Bachhan became new brand ambassador for contents,that is for States in India for Election campaigns,promoting tourist places of Gujarat,Utter Pradesh,Kerala
Although life on Earth carries on regardless, many are convinced that there has to be more to this cradle-to-the-grave existence and are seeking answers that they can rely on.
This is the 2nd part to the 'Propaganda Within Everything' Series.
This essay was my assignment over the weekend in my Advanced Placement Class in English. The topic that I was assigned to create an argument on was "Is the media trying to inform people with lesser of important information or are they giving more appropriate information for the curren...
My perspective of the world and how it works. As this topic is quite vast (enough that I could write an encyclopedia on it) I'll overly simplify it as much as I can and divide it into a few parts...
A description of Fear as a technique of propaganda
A description of euphemism as a technique of propaganda.
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