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The formal difference between the holy Qur’an and ‘The Ahadith’ (Sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) is the fact that the Holy Qur’an is the teachings reveled through angelic medium as the Divine Revelation (Wahee) while ‘The Ahadith’ is the source of teach...
It is as if whole the universe comprising the celestial objects has been subjected to the service to the mankind to nurture his life. Apart from the material objects, the treasure of intelligence and fitness as well has been bestowed to the people by the highest merciful God.
As liberator, lawgiver, and leader of a people named Israel which was transformed by him from an unorganized horde into a nation, he occupies a more important place in popular legend than the Patriarchs and all the other national heroes. Moses indeed was a great man of God.
It is always wise to listen and obey God. If He has spoken to your heart, and He has, or if you think that you can out smart, out think, or even outlive Him you can't. You can win or you can lose in the end.
Three inheritances from Abdullah, and two inheriteances from his son, Prophet Muhammad.
2400 years ago Ezra was given an intriguingly accurate glimpse into current events and the end of this world. And so I have prepared a 5-part series of Ezra's surviving prophecies to which I certainly can relate to.
Bible prophecy is a fascinating subject but it can be a mysterious puzzle. This interactive prophecy blog will help us to better construct the prophecy puzzle.
In spite of scientific advancement the earth is troubled by war, famine, riot, terrorism etc. Why superstitions still dominating the world? Why is real prophet always being tortured?
Is the life of a sex-worker happy? What is the role of the hypocritical society in branding them mean?
Life in Singapore is full of colour as the festivals celebrated by the Muslims in Singapore show.
Why do people quarrel on the question of god and religion? This is because they do not know what God is. This article is meant to shed light to the dark corners of fanatics.While preparing this article, the sad news of shooting in a Gurudwara in America and violence in Assam (India) a...
Human values are fast disappearing and crimes are on the increase. It is high time man rethinks about his actual goals and tries to attain them. Animals do not stray from their actual 'dharma' (duty) while humans display different shades of character.
Are titles appropriate for the Christian minister?
East Meets West: The prayers are the common bond we all have, and we just need to share it with all. The prayers are the language not of the words, but the hearts, and hearts do not have narrowness of the mind. This is what helps and makes east meet west. It is based on my research wo...
Jesus is our great prophet, priest and king, fulfilling all of the old covenant offices.
Many Spiritualists like myself refer to Jesus as our older brother.
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