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Walking down the street, there she was, a young woman smiling like a child.
There was a little bit of hope, waiting to be discovered.
Being thankful for what you have, is a big virtue for any human being.
Say goodbye to those little things that once scared you.
Not everything in this life is only black or white.
Believe it or not, love of mine, I do believe in our love.
In the darkest hour of the day, I was able to find myself again.
Yes, darling. You have to work hard every single day to protect your love from any harm.
Count on me, sweet love of mine. I will always be by your side, holding your hand.
On a clear winter morning, I thought of you, love of mine.
For me, my darling, you are a beautiful galaxy of pure tenderness.
Forget about your heavy burdens, kind soul. Midnight is here. ,
Believe it or not, my dear, I do understand how does it feels to be so lonely.
Even when we might be different, in the end, we want the same thing
No, darling, you are not alone. Somebody, out there, understands you.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of silence every now and then.
Original poem by Bravo Von Muller, who is featured in the European Tribes of North America book of poems. (ETNA book of poetry)
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