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My sense of adventure always leads to me to do wild things but this particular time, it led me to pushing my moral boundaries. On this occasion, I went about trying to get a sex worker
Mandy can't scope with life, but finds it a little easier when she is on drugs. Is there anyone who can help her?
Traditionally, the prostitute is looked on as a fallen woman. There are other views though.
Have you ever felt like you were part of history in the making? I don't mean watching a world event happen on TV. What I mean is just going about your regular routine and suddenly it becomes part of history. Well that is exactly how I felt on, Friday June 11, 2007.
The people who desperately want to take over the Chinese Government are hiding behind a group of students. When the Europeans grouped up to wallop China, these people's grand parents were assisting the Western powers!
This is based on Chinese history, regarding how the bootlickers assisted the foreigners to wallop China, and how they wanted to convert the whole nation to their faith.
Its more about a child's curiosity and Motherhood ...Face the Truth
Black girl comes to a big city to live her dreams. She encounters a pimp and becomes lost in a world of prostitution.
The Copper Queen Hotel is adored by the ghosts who once stayed here during their life, and it is loved by the thousands of visitors who have had the luxury of staying here today. It has been proven to be haunted by many different paranormal investigators that have documentation provin...
The Writers Place has been home to several businesses through the years. Along the way, several ghosts have made it their home. The most notable resident is a ghost known as Clara who comes off as being in a tormented state. She is believed to be one of the working girls from the brot...
The sex industry is booming in Las Vegas, here is what you need to know. ETNA-European Tribes of North America.
By making prostitution legal, sexual harassment can be prevented to a greater extent.
How human trafficking hides in plain sight, and how we learn to look the other way.
The Sestina is a complex form of poetry whose magic lies in the art of inconspicuous repetition.
Child labor is a major challenge of our time, it is a complex issue with no simple solutions. Massive in scale corrosive to societies and fatal in the consequences, it is cruel to children and insulting to human dignity.( Haggai and Agbor 2001).
Slavery still exists in britain today - a short summary
Well I am sure the title shocked you, especially under the "Career" category. But no, I do not pay for sex but others do. As a career this is an actual occupation. Should it be?
Montia Marie Parker, 18, a former Hopkins High School student, in Minnetonka, Minn., has been charged with promoting sex trafficking and prostitution. She allegedly set up sexual encounters for a 16-year-old cheerleading teammate who is cognitively delayed and receives special educati...
Kakuma Refugee camp is one of the biggest refugee camps in Kenya hosting approximately one hundred thousand asylum seekers and refugees, most of which are victims of war majorly from southern Sudan, from Somalia and the last major group from Ethiopia.
Jess is a sex slave. Her family was tricked into thinking she'd be getting a decent job, but in the new country all her identity is taken, so she can serve as a sex slave. The Trilogy captures the various stages of pain and numbness she goes through, with the two alternate endings de...
A story that left my jaw dropping to the floor.... A shock... A revelation... Who would believe it happens in real life?
We are taking our time to ponder on the practical reality of Love in Marriage. My first series which is: The Biblical Love Psychology (I to V) talks about basic Biblical principles which will help us better our relationships. Now this new series is on how we can apply these principles...
Artistic interpretation of a fascinating painting depicting hardship, innocence and destitution using an innovative array of colour and blend.
Where women's sweetness, charm, and innocence have been developed into an art form - in order to relieve a man of his money
A bit of history and the nature of the 'Beach Boy' Industry in Jamaica
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