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An account of the shooting of Walter Scott by North Charlston police officer Michael Slager.
Several events marked various ways of commemorating Martin Luther King Jr Day in America. Most of these events chose to focus on the heightened focus on race in America. Protesters noted that while much has changed, much has remained the same.
Local folklore surrounding the miniature ghosts has stemmed from a web of tales hanging over the unsolved mystery of the Huntsville children who were murdered and believed to be dumped at the cemetery after being abducted.
Vociferous critic Micah Kigen terms the attack fiendish and without civilizing influences
Anatomy of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri over the shooting of Mike Brown.
The demonstrations happening in downtown New York have become the talk of the world and have spread to large parts of it. This revolt will not be trivialized.
It happened 36 years ago, but those who tortured the opponents to the dictatorship haven't been judged yet.
Protests against the islamo-consevative leaders of Turkey will not cease.
Uh,'s a story about puppets, and their right to, uh...protest?
You know how embarrassing it can be when you oversleep and miss a deadline, and the good natured teasing you may get due to it? I'm sure we have all been there one time or another..This happened to a dear friend of mine and this was my humorous Shakespearean poetic scribe to his poor ...
In the month of December, a lady was gangraped by men in moving bus. Protests and Bundh also performed all over India against the gangrape
In Greece, it is now brother against brother as riot police are ordered to break up demonstrations by other policemen.
Now that spring has arrived the occupy movement is being resurrected.
If you engage in protest or civil disobedience in America, the state will label you an enemy.
This is well known what has been going on in the last couple of months in and around the Wall Street and other European countries. In this article I would like to see it in different perspective- an academic point of view.
Being where I'm from, New York, born and raised. I'm watching the news and looking at all these people on Wall Street, trying to protest and all that and having the cops get em' with pepper spray. Being the poet and writer that I am, I decided to write a poem and this is the aftermath...
Just a small note about the protests in London which a minority turned violent.
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