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Before the age tablets and capsules man had discovered that when he was ill he could use various roots, leaves, barks, seeds of flowers of plants to get rid of his illness. Usually, this knowledge of cures was with the medicine man of a village that passed on his knowledge to his chil...
The estuarine communities are usually composed of endemic species and movable species with come in form the sea besides some species from freshwater.
Yes we should appreciate that contribution made by those men known dads
Writers are those who write with routine activities, and make their life as a writer, anywhere, and anytime. And you are the author?
November PAD Challenge Day 20- Best Ever Poem. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
Some people tend to see crime as a means of supplying a need.
Fruit production is an essential factor not only for economic or livelihood purposes. Fruit production is also essential in providing nutritious foods to the masses. Fruits according to nutritious experts are foods which contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for our health.
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