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A change in the way we perceive life and towards positivism will bring a sea change in our lives. Let us not forget that we are at the apex of all species; thus masters of not only our destiny but also of our fellow travelers.
Human life is very precious. But it is very delicate. It has to be handled very carefully. Life in modern lifestyle has lost its value. Life has to be handled carefully with providential grace of God.
I have never met a word I didn’t like. I started writing stuff in second grade near as I can remember. As soon as I was able to round up a few of those critters (words), I began the process of arranging them in pen sentences and paragraph corrals. That was fifty-five years ago. ...
Providence offered me a way out, but I had to say no.
Many a time we are frustrated in our life. Everything comes to a standstill and we stand helpless. In those times let us seek the help of God, Who is our Eternal Protector.
Faith can move mountains. We strain and try to get this virtue called faith, and we try and try with all our might, but we never quite can get our faith up to the place where it connects with God.
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