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Daily news is mostly negative and leaves a pall of gloom all around. It is mainly greed, wars and bombing, but peace proves elusive. It is time for the majority writ for peace to run through a shift in consciousness - and not a day too soon!
An epic Iambic tetrameter poem about strength and prowess.
there was a hope left after the arcane Nymph fled East, towards the first light of morning. ----------------------------------------------------- A spiritual poem of love and adventure.
A Sonnet, following the Shakespearean rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg A poem about prowess and valor.
A Sonnet. ( Siren of Had's invoked by modes of aves from Sacred Legion robust noblest knight, ablution 'n Styx, proudly departs to aboves, )
A Petrarchan Sonnet, following abba cddc and efgefg rhymes. It is a hypothetical oracle offered by the female Pythia Priestess of the Temple of Delphi, and the attended interpretation of the male Delphian Priest.
Dedicated to my friends in Hollywood, California, who got inspired from my epic poetry and directed this inspiration to synthesize new forms in arts. I am thankful to them, for presenting on the big screen, my main idea of epic poems, the absolutism of prowess and the uprising of the ...
Neoptolemos, the son of Achilles, fought in Troy and after the war, he took his companions and settled in Hepirus, NW part of Greece. The searchers of history will like to know that he was an ancestor of Alexander the Great and Pyrrhus, another glorious king.
A Byzantine knight (Cataphractos) is fighting against invaders on the walls of Consantinople, defending his soul's absolute causes: Constantinople and Holy Mary. He is getting hurt but refuses to die.
A story concerning the sacrifice of the 1000 men in Thermopylae. The historical details are correct, 330 Spartans and 700 Thespians ( Thespiai, a city near Thebes, Greece), fought to death for freedom. Two Spartans remained alive, to carry the news to Sparta.. Those two soldiers fough...
A very powerful force, which some can use very well.
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