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My experience in predicting future events. With some people, I can tell what is going to happen to them just by looking at them, examples will follow.
When all is said and done, understanding is the ultimate home remedy. Without understanding, nothing can happen, especially healing. I do believe in healing of all sorts: Regular allopathic medicine or normal doctors, and homeopathic or home remedies. The thing is though, that, any wa...
A critique of one of my favourite shows: Crossing Over with John Edward
The posh bank standing today was once home to one of the spookiest eateries that came complete with an eerie atmosphere that kept diners intrigued throughout their meal. Today the building has been replaced by the TD Bank. It was rumored that the restaurant was haunted by several acti...
Victorian society was transfixed by the teleportation of a celebrated psychic medium 3 miles across London, witnessed by a room full of distinguished onlookers.
Dreams can be very mysterious especially when they don't seem to make any sense.
Here is another story of my psychic ability. I hope you will enjoy it.
The haunted Kelsay house has out of control ghosts that consistently wreak havoc on the family. Jim and Susie Kelsay are concerned that the entity is focused on their young daughter, Jennifer. The Kelsay's describe the dark and diabolical experiences lurking in their home as unnerving...
A quick look at the "psychic weather" for Nigeria in July.
A slightly late forecast for the psychic weather of Indonesia, plus divination with playing cards.
I am now going to publish my psychic starting here on Wikinut starting from the feelings I got as a child.
A quick and dirty reading for Singapore, the little island nation with big potential.
Another of my experimental, multi-oracle readings. This one is for the city of Pittsburgh, PA.
A fun, quick system to tell fortunes that can be used by anyone with two dice and some spare time.
Chapter two of Eating My Way to Heaven about a supernatural experience I had childhood.
This is a short summary of the three (3) years of fear that I had about being homeless and the treatment of women. Not just women..a disabled woman.
Felipe comes to the realization that like himself, Jordan is homosexual and is facing the same problems that he has had to cope with.
Adam is an Australian born man who had been living for a while in America. This short story tells about an afternoon that he spent recently when he absent-mindedly decided to, spur of the moment like, sit down and have a Tarot card reading with a Tarot card reader, calling himself Za...
Dining in the Hamptons has never held so much allure for those that enjoy a unique evening filled with romance, intrigue, mystery and paranormal activity. The welcoming demeanor that emanates from the staff gives guests a hint as to what they can expect while sipping from a chilled gl...
The nostalgic hotel offers 17 highly spirited rooms decorated in Victorian style railroad d├ęcor that comes complete with several friendly ghosts that playfully slam doors, shake beds, and randomly flicker the lights.
Minutes apart but born on the same day, three boys from different families share a bond that is thicker than blood ties. Their brotherhood unleashes horrors never witnessed before, it comes every seventh day of each seventh year....
This page contains a poem about psychic abilities and the perils of looking into the future.
What if there are real Dexters around who'll kill you if you've done something wrong
If I could have a glimpse at my future I would turn it down. This article tells you why.
Though appreciation is a motivating factor in the overall growth of a human being relying on it too much can impede progress.Therefore it is better to esteem or respect oneself more and also respect others
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