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The philosophy of man & woman being born as earth soul mate companions.
In the Human Services arena we are called upon to report our interactions with the clients/customers we meet. This can be time-consuming. A concise style can save time to allow you to spend more time meeting client's needs.The sample below can give you a means to report what needs to ...
This article explains ideas and concepts on how hypnotherapy can help you quite smoking.
What is Parental Alienation? Is your child being used as a pawn in divorce? Are you an adult child who was turned against one of your parents? Read the symptoms, causes, and support that comes with Parental Alienation.
The human psychology is a very deep melt by our minds and ourselves when we walk by and ask us for the ideas and Explanations We analyze human nature, we will display the 10 most important facts about human psychology.
In our culture listening well seems to be declining as an activity many are good at. Some listen only in preparation to express their opinions or agreement. This may work well in social settings but does not meet the needs of clients who are seeking services or in need of assistance o...
When all is said and done, understanding is the ultimate home remedy. Without understanding, nothing can happen, especially healing. I do believe in healing of all sorts: Regular allopathic medicine or normal doctors, and homeopathic or home remedies. The thing is though, that, any wa...
These are only some of the signs of major mental anxiety. If you find any of them in yourself or in your loved ones, take them to hospital instantly. Make sure that you are not wasting any time after spotting this problem since it will make the situation much worse.
Living with the threat of being mentally abused is challenging, and it makes life very difficult, the inner person feels demeaning. especially if violence is involved, our emotions get all screwed up, and a person will lose the will to fight through.
This piece provides a brief description of the nature of humans explained through the example of man who is splashed by a car on his way to work. I am hoping it will give you an understanding of psychology and how psychologists help their clients.
To watch Donald Trump in action is to witness the antics of a classic narcissist.
Dreams can be very mysterious especially when they don't seem to make any sense.
All of us have sense organs which help us in fulfilling our daily needs.Other than the 5 sense organs,we have Brain which gives the necessary information and memory to store the information recorded by the senses. What if the same senses play their roles in a different manner ? Lets...
A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
In our world of conformists, only a majority view counts. Here, the basic question arises how a majority, without any experience in loneliness, is given a right to publicise its opinion on loneliness. It is just because they form the majority. Nevertheless, the majority view on loneli...
Mind and Brain are concerned, these are entirely different things existing in a person's body for their distinct purposes. Since, all the subsystems of a living organism are interrelated and interdependent, so are mind and brain of a person.
Though every human is posed with such curious quests, his/her survival and reproduction instincts keep these repressed in a majority of human-beings. This repression provides a cozy comfort zone to the majority, they fail to break out from.routines of life and be creative.
It is well said that 'necessity is the mother of inventions' which derives us into the fact that progress and development are seeded in needs and necessities of humanity. This begins a cycle of realizing ever new needs, then working to satiate them, and so on.
Attention of brain on a topic in hand requires no or minimum of distractions for which the brain need be trained with a positive and determined attitude of the person.
Creation of an ideology of a person is the function of the person's intellect while his/her wisdom leads him/her toward successes at any cost and irrespective of the person's ideology. Therefore, as far as ideology is concerned, intellect and wisdom of most of the persons are at confl...
Life does not always turn out the way you would want it to.
Settle in for a psychological assessment of the human world through cat's eyes as told by seven cats and their cousin who has questionable motives.
Negotiation is everywhere, from the bedroom to the boardroom, and it isn't always easy. Here are three fantastic ways to get a yes out of even the toughest person. All it takes is a bit of practice.
Each of us carries a buggage from the past, which is packed with our life stories, emotions, beliefs...
An introduction to upcoming blogs and their general focus on celebrity crushes and the psychology of obsession and the distant-impersonal-yet-personal relationship to celebrities.
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