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Earning 0.001 per click is legitimate but if some sites offer you more than that say a dollar per click or more, take my words those are fake sites. Here are have listed few sites which have been paying for the past few years and some sites which are totally a scam.
PTC s are the best way to spend your free time geting crazy and tired
This article is about earning money from PTC sites. We need to upgrade and have more referrals to earn from them
A look at the paid to click section of the online money making market and how it works.
In Internet there are many websites which are scam.Some people get scammed and they quickly go to some forums and discussion pages and say every website is scam.But the truth is only those websites are scam in which you have to invest money,don't believe such sites unless you want to ... is a PTC website. I found this site interesting. Although this site is operated by group of people who are hoaxers and scammers. They offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting. Their payout minimum policy is...
Get paid in Euro to check your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail account. This is not all, you even get paid to check your activity on Facebook. Go to Sky sports, Guardian, ITV or BBC news sites and earn money just by visiting the websites. Now isn’t this great. But this is not where mo...
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