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Will having sex with a virgin give you the elixir of life?
What a boy sees looking at himself in a large mirror
A poem about a boy growing into a man while losing the innocence of youth.
The joy, wonder and fear about a boy growing into an adult.
My personal reflections as a shy boy in middle school and growing up into a teenager.
This is the work schedule of our bodies, although many other variables may influence, we can use this data as a benchmark. Do you know how long it takes to increase weight?
Puberty is a sign that the innocent boy who initially started developing their sexual organs. In children who experience early puberty, often mental development is not as fast as physical development. If not controlled, the passion that appears to make a nuisance.
Signs showing nearing the reproductive maturity during the puberty stage.
Marriage between cousins may seem strange to the western world. But it is encouraged in some cultures for various social and economic reasons.
Do modern girls reach the age of puberty earlier than the age of previous generations? Researches state that girls as young as 7 years-old have been reported to be menstruating. What are the reasons for this change?
Human beings are ingenious in the telling of their stories. They rattle off all sorts of calibrated situations, embellished circumstances and complicated intricately woven events which make for the enriched 'soil to toil' in their furtively imaginative lives. It goes with the territor...
Do we do what we do simply because we love to do it or for some anticipated rewarding result? Time passes much too quickly not to seize the moment of revelatory opportunity and passionate involvement. Do it Now!
You haven't been able to recognize the vibrantly pulsating musical artistic face you've always hidden because it was easier to assign those elements of bold, artistic, funny, and daring sexual assertive displays in yourself to others.
Tear filled eyes face so grasping pink A taunted boy so much on the brink Others laughed, jeered and mocked
Because of the sudden changes that take place at the onset of menstruation for girls and circumcision for boys, care must be taken on the proper ways of caring for their bodies.
The changes that take place during puberty.
Erik Erikson's 8 stages of phycological human developement.
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