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You may wonder: What are the health benefits of gardening? We have the answer in this article. Let's get started!
The facts and reasons may surprise you to know what living in poverty is really like when you’re a child,
Teeth is a calcified,whitish structure found in the jaws of many vertebrates used to breakdown food.Some animals use it for hunting and defensive purposes.The teeth are covered with gums at the cervical 3rd of the tooth.
Blood column exerts pressure. This pressure is known as blood pressure. This pressure is exerted on the walls of arteries. The maximum pressure is called systolic or upper level blood pressure. The minimum pressure is called diastolic or lower level blood pressure.
A steep rise in cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, MERS, in Saudia Arabia during early May 2014 was investigated for causes by the World Health Organization.
Preventative care is part of lifelong health, and parents are responsible for instilling that in their children.
This page is a summary of some topics in the Medical Journal called The Lancet, which is published by the Medical Society of the UK, weekly. I read the articles and write a brief summary for people who might be interested in or educated about universal public health issues around the...
Tips on how to be safe from being contaminated with bacteria while using public restrooms.
My personal review of the 2008-2009 UP Manila Campus Elections
How does the Patient Health Records and meaningful use 2 affect the way health care is given?
The Obama administration, taking a page from the Republicans, jumps in bed with the poultry industry.
Recently I watched an episode of Animal Planet’s Confessions: Animal Hoarding. As a veterinarian this series is very difficult to watch. The state that these animals are in is appalling. Most species have a natural limit as to how many animals can congregate together before they ...
President Obama intends to bring forth a new public health care plan. This will increase the number of Americans with health insurance. Unlike other plans around the world, many people will still not have health coverage. Debate has begun now on the President's plan.
Household services include the services such as household repairs or maintenance. These include the services offered by the electricians, carpenters, masons, plumber, house painters, appliance repair shops, and several others.
Hand washing is singularly the most important way of preventing the spread of infection
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