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Education is fantastic, but there is only so far learning can take you. Practice, experience, and failure are guaranteed to advance your abilities and skills exponentially. Writing education is not that different to any other education - it is in our own unique experiences, dedication...
Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
Don't make the mistake that a lot of writers like me have done, and sign up with a publisher because they tell you what you want to hear, or, they can get your book published fast. Do some research about the company first.
Interview with Black Beacon Books, an independent publisher based in Australia. Black Beacon Books publish imaginative and thought-provoking fiction (mystery, suspense, psychological horror, adventure, black humour and the just plain weird) of the highest quality.
Your venue is set, the decorations are organised, and you know exactly how your venue will look. Now to create the mood! Music is an essential part of any event to not only add a background noise but to impart the sense of mood you would like to create. In Part 4 of the series, I will...
Finding a venue for your book launch can be daunting! Firstly, where do you even start looking? How do you know what you need? What questions should you ask? This first installment of the "Launching Your Book in Style (Even on a Tight Budget)" series will answer these questions. Come ...
There are many companies out there ready to take advantage of aspiring authors who are anxious to get published. This article relates my experience with a new one on the market, Phyllis Scott Publishing aka Phyllis Scott Enterprises.
The dream to become an author with your name on the cover of a book you wrote is held by many. My dream recently came true with the help of some amazing people.
Vanity publishing, under it's various guises gets a lot of negative feedback from accomplished authors. Reputable bookstores decline to stock self-published works. Is vanity press a bad idea for new authors?
While the topic niches are as vast as the sand on a beach, there are generally four main ebook categories you can write about...
27 nation in history in 1734 first European country Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam to teach the language Bangla author Abdul Haye Amin also collections of Bangla poems ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ mean in English ‘Oceans of Love’ the Bangla book of poetry, also received by Bang...
All about paying my dues, my steps to success, the varied jobs that helped me on my way, my gift from the Divine Source, passion for writing.
Could AuthorHouse be a Scam? Are all these publishing places out to just get our hard earned money? What are we to do, when we know if we don't end up self publishing our work is going to end up in the slush pile.
Ever thought about publishing on Smashwords? Ever wondered what "formatting" was involved and if you could do it. Well I thought I would ease minds by letting you how I got on, in a new world of formatting.
I send my letter to the party i believe in my life... Little angel on my side, listen and know what i wanna sharing about ...............................
DECEMBER on my note ^.^ I love December with full of memory, flash back on the first month of the year and the story that will never forgotten ^.^
There are many ways on how to publish your articles. Here are 3 of them.
The story of how I wrote my first book and got it published - very helpful information for aspiring authors.
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