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This is how I could end up this year with a short writing. . ♥♥
A love poem, I hope you guys feel the connect. . ♡♡
Sometimea in life we face a situation when a lot is there within us but still we rain silent..
When we have a lot in our heart and we feel we can't express it in words, we write.. !!
All of us somewhere or the other gets stuck at a point where we have to make a decision between our Head and heart.. Head- where we feel the society is comfrtbl Heart- where we feel we want to stay, emotionaly we are connected and happy.!!
Every individual have tendency to make mistakes and the one who truly feel his/her guilt always have the fear of 'The EnD'.. End here means end of realtion, end of trust, end of feelings and not The ReaL EnD{death} ...
After dropping the idea of writting once, today i am back.. Back With A Bang... And the credit goes to just a single person, my TeaCher who motivated me in such a way that here i am.. With great respect, i want to thanks her and wana dedicated my this writting to her from the deeeeeep...
Most of my pages relates somewhere to the other with my bestfriend... and same is the situation for this.. I wrote every writting for bestie.. nd now this one 'The Last One' too for bestie.. Hope it will reach you where you are... And as i always say, "The Relations i make are not b...
Some people some situations effects you in such a way that there point of view becomes your decisions and sometimes it influence so much that you feel it as an eternal truth ....
Trying to know the answers of many questions.. begining with who i am.. why i am so.. what made me so.. who made me so... nd so on...!!
One always feel that he has suffered a lot.. faced a lot.. nd wanted to share that with someone...but in true facts the experience is our own, no one else gives a damn..
"My wish.. my desire... my prayer.. my request... " these all becomes one when the one you are close to with, you find them really close to someone..
Everyone of us is waiting for his or her that one wish to be fulfilled about which your brain keeps on saying will never turn to reallity..
Sometimes some days are special to you but its not compulsary it be the same as to others..
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