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While Europeans and the Japanese are very punctual, South Asia, and India in particular suffers from a laid back syndrome, disregarding time disciplines.
Recently the ruling party in the Centre lost Delhi elections because it was trying to enforce biometric data for attendance of the employees of the central government.
Punctuality means being on time, India, as a nation, is accused of not being punctual. The India Standard Time is said to be always behind by half an our. This shows that we Indians lack discipline. Lack of punctuality plagues our systems too.
It is every young man's and woman's dream to possess an attractive personality. Here are a few guidelines on how you can add a shine to your personality.
After getting the much needed inspiration to write this Poem, I decided to make it a long one, interesting to read and engaging as I try to explain the magnitude of the situation in place. I ganished it with a little bit of rhymes, so I do hope you enjoy it.
Nobody can control the rising and falling of a tide on the sea. In the same way, nobody has control over time. Time has its own course. It comes and goes. We have to utilize it wisely.
To get the fear out of your mind,you have to practice discussions with your friends.Make them the interviewer and talk with them seriously.Going to an interview and successfully tackling them will decide whether you have the potential to be number one in any field.
Some practical ways to stay competitive in the office and achieve the promotion we always want.
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