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A ancient court system that followed extreme measure of punishment to those that did not uphold rules.
God sums up all the teachings that he has given to Moses on Mount Sinai and warns his people that they must honor him and keep his commandments.
Well, we've been at FNB for more than two hours, and all we've accomplished is to have Father emotionally and mentally raped by the FNB staff, in particular the fat horrible bitch we'll refer to as Nazi here.
The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
It is common for people, particularly the elderly to regard periods in history as being the best times in terms of morality and happiness. However, a closer look reveals not-so dandy doings.
After successful surgery, Eli is released from hospital and the couple return to there home in Little Valley. Mark too returns home and Mona gets her RN.
Since Mona had but two weeks off in August, Adam decides to spend his summer working in St. John's and both would go home to see their families at the end of the summer.
Sometimes the bad effects of the decisions made by those in authority can lead to good things in the end.
America has two death sentences. One of them is specifically designed to end life. The other death sentence is invisible and almost unknown to the public. It, too, ends life, but slowly over years and decades.
You are the goddess I can't erase I always remember the ride home from school Because my parents were not at home I survived If you don't know how bad I drank Don't you know how my heart hurt Only leave the infinite memory of innocence
Some celebrities experience ghostly adventures more then others, and it is believed that the stars see more spirits then other people because of their out-of-the-box thinking, open mindedness, creative thinking, access to foreign countries and ancient structures and of course their st...
This article is about an act of kindness being rewarded with detention.
A Florida High School went way too far in disciplining a teenager for violating its dress code, and its action begs the question: what happened to common sense?
This article relates destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.God cannot tolerate sins of His people.
Mentally deranged souls were quite often nothing more then the wives and daughters of men who felt that these women were disobedient and needed punishment. Becoming institutionalized was easy during the late 1700's and on up until the early 1900's. All it took was for someone to class...
Are we really just when we merely put the person behind the bar or punish the person?
~punishment for getting caught~rarely equals the value of booty~jackie never seemed to get that~I suppose the joy of the score~getting’ over on ‘em once in a while~that made it all worth it to him~like setting things on fire~just to watch ‘em burn~you got the inside information~...
In Florida, something called the "Felony Murder Rule" can land you in jail for life without possibility of parole for a crime someone else commits.
In this article I show you examples of people who were known to Jesus and reincarnated in this age in relation with his return. Here you get a glimpse of how the Karma changes the person to another task and character. And how the person is rewarded or punished for his past deeds. Of c...
This is a poem about some of the realities of death. Death is something that does not have to be feared. Perhaps if we learn how to accept it, we'll be in a better position to properly prepare for it.
We write our life stories that will remain indelible - no one will be excluded. We all have a role to play and let us listen to the spark of conscience within to spur our thoughts and actions.
In today's throwaway culture, we are throwing away far too many kids, particularly children of color.
This is my poem of the Easter message telling us all that The Saviour did, because of His love for us .
This poem takes a dig at the state of the justice systems in the world. It discusses the shortcomings as well as expresses frustration, desperation and disappointment that the public feel when criminals get free or get lenient sentencing.
Poetry, sharing experiences and ideas from visiting prisoners in Lehigh County Prison in Allentown, PA.
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