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If newly elected Donald Trump really works for working people in the US and for world peace, he might as well end like JFK.
The puppets are always a source of fun in every way.Here is a try at the Mr.Punch.
there are times, when we just cant do anything to change what we dont like in our life...that is the time when we decide to just go with the flow and sometimes, the pain is so casual that we are okay to go on with it for a long long time....sometimes you just give in and give
Can't break free? Have someone controlling your life?? and feel fed up with it? This is the time you stand up and tell him that you are not his property!
Sunny day, Sweeping the, Clouds away... Who were the voices behind our favorite Sesame Street characters? Here is a look at a few of them.
~Whiskey Lament~ Wikinut ~ aborted strangers in the mud ~ Jim Morrison ~ two great European narcotics ~ alcohol and Christianity~ Nietzsche ~ I realize I am only what I've always been ~ a half-assed nothing ~ Charles Manson ~ filled with mingled cream & amber I wil...
~ like our ancestors ~ the indians ~ we share a fear of sex ~ Jim Morrison ~ woe unto him that harbors wildernesses ~ Nietzsche ~ I have stayed in jail & I have stayed stupid ~ Charles Manson ~ the dear names that lie concealed within ‘t ~ Poe ~ suicide clouds ~ we eat ourselves ~ ...
This poem has some twistingly dark messages involved. I guess it is all in the stanzas and lines. For that, I don't have much to say on this one. I'll leave it to the reader. Comments are open.
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