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So, we've all travelled by car a lot. And by walking. And by flying. And by... well, whatever else. But how many of us travel great distances by swimming? That's not something you do every day, so when I think of an opportunity, I grab it!
Do you want a dog and think dogs are cheap to raise? Is it cheap or do you have to pay for other things than food and water?
A lot of people have experienced a dog bite. Some serious some not so serious. The dog could even be your dog or a dog of a family member or friend. Here are reasons why a dog might bite. The dog can love you and still bite.
This animal story was first published in my book, "Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey
Puppy Mill owners give their puppies very little next to no veterinary care. In Puppy Mills from them the first time a dog goes into heat they are mated and have a litter each time the puppy mill opartnersmates with .another male dog. By the time a female dog is 10 years old they wo...
Even animals can feel the loss of a loved one as Lady did with her puppies, even thought they cannot express it in the same way that we can.
Puppies And Dogs. Our most beloved and treasured friends.
My Puppy Loves And Doggy Days. Caring For A Pet, Canine Companions.
A Spirited Puppy That I Was Meant To Recruit. A Puppy Experience.
When you want to train your dog, it is essential that you concentrate on your dog and that you know its capacity. Obedient and trained drogs are happy dogs. The training should be adequate for your dog. You should nevertheless try to get the dog to do more than it could cope with.
As the popular saying goes, "puppies are man's best friends". Many dog-person relationships could actually vouch for this stating. Even if everyone else has left you hanging, the loyalty of your canine will never ever fluctuate.
I know it may sound a bit sentimental but birthgiving has always amazed me. When a new life comes onto this world, especially when it's not just one and for this time, they're all sweet little four legged chaps.
Kittens and puppies - who can resist? They are always sooooo cute.
One thing that many people forget to do when they are buying or rescuing a puppy is to consider the ongoing needs and requirements of their new pet. A little planning can quickly help to resolve that problem and ensure the puppy is properly cared for.
Deciding to add a dog to the family mix can change everything. Consider carefully which dog is best for your family.
Owning and caring for a dog is great fun and very rewarding but it is also a big responsibility, this article covers the basics.
Are you thinking about adopting a dog? this article will underline the do's and don'ts on the subject.
When my wife and I returned home one day at the end of a long weekend we found three kittens in our barn, as all our cats are fixed we knew they did not come from them and must have been abandoned.
The Yorkie Chihuahua dogs have life expectancy of about 15 years. Like other dogs, there are some susceptive genetic problems that are frequently associated to them, these are the hypoglycemia, joint problems and others.
It can be frustrating and worrying when your lovely little puppy won’t eat. Here is a common sense approach to the problem, from a dog breeder of many year’s standing.
A poem about a lost puppy being found and renamed Spike in its new home
If you love animals, writing for pet magazines is one of the easiest ways to break into print. Pet magazines, even the glossies, like [i]Cat Fancy[/i], [i]Dog Fancy[/i], [i]Horse Illustrated[/i] and [i]Bird Talk[/i] are wide open to freelancers. It is one of the few genre that welcome...
According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), 3.5 to 3.7 thousand of the 11.5 to 12 thousand pet shops in the United States sells puppies. According to HSUS, pet stores sell 500 thousand puppies every year. Where do the pet shops get all those puppies? They are produce...
I hate my two puppies! So annoying and they make me pissed. Mostly, I hit them in their mouth with my slipper but not that hard. But I just realized that by hitting them, their become more and more bad. So what I did is i'm trying to stop hitting them. I decided to be more patient and...
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