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People love to have puppy, but don't know how to take care of these puppies and make them love them. Knowing the basics of taking care of your pet fosters love between you and your puppy.
Sometimes it is in the memories of days gone by that spurs our dreams, and other times these dreams are sparked in the pages of forgotten books.
The picnic days of youth, what fond and special memories they hold within the mirrors of yesterday.
This is a loving poem about how animals can make us feel.They are dependable and always make you feel special no matter what.
As a young girl is a poem about finding out love isn't perfect or ideal and yet it remains forever with you
Last night saw the start of the nationwide tour of Boogie Nights. Read on to find put more about it.
A strong heart is essential for a brokenhearted woman to commit suicide
A poem of a girl who used to believe in fairytales. Now, she found another person who promised her that fairytales do exist, except she wasn't as gullible as before.
A poem about adopting a puppy from the dogs home to be my friend.
First love never dies, though it's been swept away by the waves of time.
Who could forget that first little feeling? That first smile, that giddy feeling towards someone? A crush is a starting point, everything started from it.
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