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A little boy and his dog - get blamed for all the messes - but in the end it is not all puppy's doing!
If you have two or more dogs, I am sure you want them to get along. Them getting along will only make for a happier home for all and also, they will be well contented dogs. I have a few tips that just might help you achieve this.
I have been on the search for a companion for Bugg. Bugg has been on the search for a friend since May of last year. Then I was confronted with a issue, is a animal worth buying?
You have been told that you must walk your dog for hours a day. Maybe this article will take that leisurely ( As the dog pulls you down the road ) walk out of your life.
Raisins can be deadly to your dog. As can grapes. Steps you should take if your dog has ingested raisins or grapes.
Experiencing life with a new jack russell terrier puppy
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