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Time is a luxury not all can afford. Quite the opposite. It can, with time, be your worst nightmare. Beyond your reach. Beyond your control. Only as it increasingly slips away, will you begin to realize just how valuable and irreplaceable is your loss.
It is definitely our choice. Every day we literally come to the crossroads of Blessing and Curse. The Blessing if you listen obediently and observe to do what God has to say and The Curse if you don’t pay attention to it but leave the road that He tells us to stay on.
Our Creator God allowed His Son to pay the price with His life for everyone to experience lasting peace If we wish to maintain peaceful relationships, it is critical that we stay away from jealousy and selfishness. Wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, you will find dis...
this is again a journey of She and with it i have added a soundcloud recording of some of my cosmic creation now you can listen to my voice reading..ha! and holiday greetings to you all...blessings of light and loving...
A Poem Dedicated to a crystal flower opened to soon, to a woman who has felt how hard the bee can sting the bird. And any of Gods gems who can relate
I designate to you who cannot see further than the end of your nose how truth, love and freedom will set you free and how hatred and bigotry will send you back to earn the fruits of such negativity...always your choice,,make it a wise one....
This poem describes the image of human nature, in the form of water.
They mythical unicorn is a symbol of purity and healing, just as a Christian should be a representative of Christ. This poem depicts a creature of light who has strayed from its true purpose.
This is written as a dedication to my brother for his constant sharing of loving to all. And the wisdoms of my fellow Traveller Paul Kaye. Also to many of the loving people I know who journey as I do sometimes knowingly..sometimes not..but travel we all do...
Have you shopped till you dropped...wined and ready to journey to the divine that on and find out for yourself....
Fairy tales for me always have an inner meaning or message to convey. I think they are ways to show people the effects of dark and light, love and hate, mystery and on and enjoy..
Old fashioned values could provide a bulwark of protection from the worst mistakes.
A piece I wrote about my precious little one and how I pray some the influences I cannot affect around her spare the natural, beautiful innocence and imagination children are born with.
We are living in a very special time when our spiritual abilities are profound. The more we focus on them and take our focus off the material the more we can access the hidden secrets of the universes within and without...always your choice
Sometimes despite having tremendous love for each other the relationships don't work and love-birds have to move apart. But if the love is profound then even after breakup we find it difficult to forget our beloved and we always yearn to undo our mistakes, to say sorry for hurting t...
This is a very short essay on the meaning of truth and logic in philosophy
The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty and purity. In Japan, Lotus root is considered an auspicious food that makes it essential in New Year dishes.
Artistic interpretation of a fascinating painting depicting hardship, innocence and destitution using an innovative array of colour and blend.
A brief history of the European tradition of a white wedding
This is a short haiku that describes a choice to choose love and forgiveness, over Anger.
There is a subtle esoteric law of inference that is applied to each and every act we undertake: purity of purpose. It’s totally impersonal and some may say, irrational, but none the less effectual. Beyond our physical ability, mind’s intellect, and emotional barrage of thwarted de...
Sometimes the smallest, humble things in Nature teach us about love that heals.
All over the world, November 19 is observed as World Child Sexual Abuse Day. The child sexual abuse is increasing all the more everyday. World is going on closing its eyes seeing all the abuses against children!
I was waiting for the next day. Jesus will come to me in that small white host. Jesus is so simple. He loves us all. That is why he comes to us in that whit man-made host.
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