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Videos on Youtube appeared on the eve of Putin's telephone conversations and Trump.
The United States is ready to deploy tanks, heavy weapons and five thousand soldiers in the Baltics.
Western condemnation of the Russian trial of three Pussy Riot members, a self-described feminist punk-rock band, underscores how political correctness and hypocrisy rule criticism of Putin's Russia. Far from defending human rights, critics actually ignore the far greater legal injusti...
Thoughtless actions motivated by playing to the gallery for domestic consumption are stoking the flames of tension and war. When there are more pressing issues at home, why look for trouble far away unless it is just a smokescreen to keep the attention away from inconvenient truths. ...
Chinese are very upset with Obama chewing gum and Putin offering shawls to the first lady; these two actions must not occur in China.
Sharia Law is not needed in America nor in any other free world.
Rather than concentrating on burning issues of the day, our world leaders are working at cross purposes to bring each other down. Pursuing such a way of approach goes only to unify their citizens behind the uncompromising than elect the right leaders to fight the biggest battle we fac...
The arrogance and hubris and hutzpah of John Kerry seems to know no bounds. His latest pronouncement regarding events in Ukraine is a glaring example.
Amid growing concerns about escalating a war in Syria and new surveillance allegations by whistle-blower Snowden, the G-8 summit gets in the starting gate.
Putin is back as the Russian president. A strong nationalist and believer in Russia's destiny as a world power
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