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Dad, Molly and Milly are on their way home from downtown. Dad interviewed the first neighbor of the murder victim but nothing much came from that interview. Dad did get a parking ticket though and he was not happy about that. Milly was happy they were going home. That was where sh...
How do you cope with life's challenges? A problem is a part of daily challenges. Every problem requires solution, and every solution necessitates decision. I am sharing with you an effective technique in facing challenges . . .
Visiting with my mother in law, I would work on a jigsaw puzzle the staff had put out for her to solve. What I wouldn't give to have one more afternoon with her.
A trick used before. A riddle to look twice. For that you can find, A new word is bind. Obvious before, By the earth of life I showed. If you can't find the road, Research what been unload.
Here you will see how my experience started moment by moment. I called it the central period because it was a period condensed with actions in mysterious relation with the actions of Jesus Christ. I was to search for the meaning of that puzzle.
Captain Jennifer Higgins alludes in the present writ to certain powerful individuals of the world at large and titillates the imagination regarding the old parchments which contain "the missing piece to the puzzle of life." - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Well if you like solving puzzles give this one a try. Most of us who took this couldn't solve. Will you do it?
Life thrives in acceptance of unity in diversity and that is based on live and let live. Modern technology helps to drive home positive vibes and there is no need to resort to wars that only heap misery on the most hapless and helpless.
Here, some interesting puzzles for the people. So enjoy and increase your imagination power.
a poet must put together the puzzle of words using nouns, verbs, adjectives, ect. in a way to describe what he or she would like to express. it is not always easy to piece the puzzle together and be satisfied with the picture it paints..
sure my mind is a jigsaw puzzle so I compose all kinds of poetry from sex to vex birth to death .... health to wealth ...and so keep mental stealth
The Bebop Box is a free educational puzzle iphone app. Kids will love this app and enjoy playing with it. As they go through the puzzles in the Bebop Box they will learn about animals , things and shapes. Once the kids start with this Bebop Box iphone app they will never stop. The ani...
Here are some small riddles to just enjoy you friends.
Simple and small puzzle for children who wants to play with their crazy minds.
How To Prove 1=2 Mathematically here i would prove 1 = 2, And challenge to prove this wrong.
Just passing some time I thought I'd think of just a few cryptic clues for you crossword addicts like myself out there!!
These are two simple puzzle poems on birds and butterflies: for children.
Read the clues and find the answer. One clue is already given in the title. For rest clues come in.
This one is about in order to find the right person you need to find someone that has been through quite the same as you so they truly understand
The first puzzle is long but an interesting teaser. The other two are quite simple. Try solving and write the answers in the comment!
This poem is written by me when I was thinking about the feeling of a teenager that what he thinks about himself about being child or an adult, he remains in the confusion but feels awkward to ask from others.
It seems as if as soon as I get one area of my life in order another area falls apart. Will it ever all come together so I can be complete?
Most people complain about stress, is it external or we are a contributor? is an online website that let people play a variety of different types of online games.
In continuation of my earlier post on SU-DO-KU I am writing this one on Magic Squares. It is said that the Great Genius in Mathematics, Sreenivasa Ramanujam began his exploits with Magic Squares and went on to become the greatest Mathematician from India to be compared with the likes ...
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