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Quality of life depends upon how much labor the man has put in building up his career. If the careers are built up with his own efforts, he may shine in life. The quality of life may be enhanced from the existing level to the...
As an allergy sufferer for as long as I can remember, March through October are dreaded months for me. My ears itch like crazy, the back of my throat has a constant tickle, the sniffles are never ending, sneezing is frequent, and it becomes harder to breathe. After years and years, th...
The teacher should help and motivate students learn how to ask interesting questions. The teacher’s own questioning strategy will serve as a model or a pattern to all the learners. It is indispensable that the teacher allows certain flexibility in the manner that the learners are do...
This is all about faith and life. Life is full of challenges, don't lose hope. This is about believing yourself.
Development is not just economic growth or technological progress; in reality, it is a more comprehensive human development. Nobel laureate Amartya Sen’s capability approach offers a wonderful model for the real development of the societies, nations and the world.
Oprah's article about not feeling comfortable in her Santa Barbara home caused me to reflect on the many creature comforts in my new apartment after 2 1/2 years of homelessness.
When asked the other day why I went out of my way to seek out a Starbucks for my morning coffee when a Tim Horton's was just around the corner, this made me think about the choices that we make in our daily lives and how important they for our own state of mind.
This page is about the qualities and abilities, a leader must posses
Defining quality and implementing quality are the issues to be taken with due care and properly.
Life and death are as much a mystery now as in primeval times. We appear from nowhere and also disappear likewise. Most seek refuge in beliefs to face the unknown. Negative traits are out in force while the positives are in the deep recess of our minds to make an impact.
There are some experiences in life that we call treasured. Treasured means that there are some specialties in life that impacted your life and can be so helpful in the lives of others. There is a certain amount of empathy that we must learn to share and experience in order to develop...
Every faced the challenge of time? We all have. we want to do so much, but we have no time to do it in. How we handle that? It can be about the use of those small moments and making them count, ensuring they bring quality to our lives.
Quality is an important part of our lives as human beings. Yet there is not one of us who has not suffered to some extent during the course of the recession. With the economic outlook for the immediate future not being any brighter we have to continue to think about ways to have a goo...
A Concept of Time, Science Fiction or Fact: Do we have a personal relationship with time? What if a conspicuous connection with time gave it unique characteristic?
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