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No matter how experienced a writer is, careless writing can always sneak onto the page. Try using an online editing programme for feedback on how to improve the quality of your work.
When positive critiques are just platitudes, and actual advice is seen as nit-picking, a good critique can be hard to find. So why bother -- offering it or receiving it?
In this article I give my personal opinion of ExpertsPages and FullofKnowledge. Two new online article writing sites.
Because slang has come into common use, especially in speech, sometimes we think it is acceptable to use it within writing, often to demean the writing or opinion of others, but it is here where slang can be at its most dangerous, but who does it hurt most? Often not the person the co...
One of the constant challenges of writing is being relevant! With so much material available on the Internet it sometimes seems that it is impossible to be noticed, your quality original article versus all the noise, how can you make a difference?
Blogging and Online Writing is a meaningful endeavor if you know it's purpose. Here are some tips and tricks for having blog worthy venture.
If you are known for writing SUPERB articles, you will quickly build readership and, in time, discover that your articles will gain many page views, irrespective of what you write. Write badly and you face rejection and poor page views. If you want to make money from your writing then...
These are the 23 articles that are considered by critiques as rubbish – written in simple English with some grammar errors and spellings though these articles have generated too much traffic, views and earnings. I even considered them as my star pages!
This article is about writing good and quality things. Our quality is important than quantity.
Many writers tend to forget this basic thing and they upon rely on the quantity but it has been seen that quality articles get more views..
Is our writing up-to-standard? Clearly there are issues with junk being published on websites such as Wikinut, Triond, Hubpages, and others. Should the moderation process become tougher? Should software be improved and should the moderation process change to ensure that articles with ...
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