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Debate doesn't have to be in school or workplace. Debate means having your instructions spread out to family members. The best time debate at home is dinner time
Children quarrel over numerous things. Quarrel starts when parents favor a child more than the other. Giving more attention and praises to one more than the other will surely generate anger and ugly feelings.
Quarreling is a product of anger which is a form of aggressive behavior. We all don't react in the same manner when faced with difficult and tempting situations that tries our patience. How will you rate yourself by answering the questions nobody ask?
This article is about fighting in facebook. We must avoid unwanted fights in social sites
Getting along with your husbant is important,you may love each other,however,you always quarrel with each other,why?So we all should learn to get along with your husband or your wife.
Have you ever wondered why you wake up in the morning, everything is fine, you know what you want to do and even do it, when suddenly somebody comes along and starts criticising on the top of his/her voice what you are doing without apparent reason and so spoiling your day completely,...
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